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  About us      

Canberra Vocal Development is a Canberra based singing education centre aimed at providing a fun, relaxed and holistic approach to the education of singing and voice. 
What Makes Canberra Vocal Development Special?

We are often asked what makes us different from other music schools. We are the only dedicated team of singing teachers in Canberra who work together in a collaborative environment to provide specialist vocal instruction. We are all committed to ongoing education, and we frequently share ideas and knowledge to help make us all better teachers. This ensures our service and quality of teaching is second to none, and while you learn from one teacher, you benefit from our combined knowledge.


We invest heavily in teacher development, because we all want to be the best singing teachers possible. As the Director of Canberra Vocal Development, Elisha Holley personally invests her time in improving the skills of all her teachers. The purpose of CVD is to develop voices to function as efficiently and safely as possible. We all work here because we love singing and helping people to succeed.


How we work with our clients

At Canberra Vocal Development, clients are able to sing whatever style they wish, learn to sing with healthy technique, develop pitch and tone by using their natural singing voice, develop and learn necessary performance techniques, be able to compete in various eisteddfods and, most importantly, have a lot of fun doing it!

Canberra Vocal Development is buil
t on a belief that each vocalist is different and has their own individual goals and aspirations. Some wish to learn for fun while some have dreams of the world’s stage. Whatever your goal may be, Canberra Vocal Development has a range of programs to suite each client's individual needs.

Contact us anytime to discuss what we can do for you.
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