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  Our Weekly Classes    

Solo Lessons


Adults are taught for 60 minute lessons to ensure adequate learning is achieved. Adolescents may opt to to have 45 minutes or an hour lesson once they turn 13.

Casual lessons are available however no permanent time will be allocated in this instance.


Children may start half hour lessons from ages 9 to 13. This is to ensure quality learning by not forcing children to concentrate on a specialised task for an extended period and to ensure the maintenance of healthy singing for young voices. Parents are not required to remain in the lesson but are welcome to if the child wishes it.

We currently have classes on Tuesday and Thursday (Both almost full)

Songful Schoolies

Songful Schoolies is designed for children aged 5-7 (kindy to year 2) and 8-10 (year 2 to 4) to learn singing and music fundamentals in a group setting for an hour. Lessons have between two and five children.

A group setting at these ages helps maintain the child's attention, relieves the pressure of reading and singing at the same time and, most importantly, is based on the philosphy of laughing makes learning easier.

Lessons focus on pitch development, music theory, learning words and melody and performing.

Parents are not required to remain in the lesson but are welcome to if the child wishes it.

Have a friend, sibling or group you want to sing with? We can create you your very own 45 minute or one hour class just for you and your bestie, email us to ask how.

Melodious Matures


These classes suit those that may want learn how to sing but prefer to learn in a group environment. Each student will learn the same fundementals as they would in a solo lesson but will get the added benefit of meeting new people and making new friends.


OR already have a group that want to learn together? Contact us and we'll make a time for you.


Minimum class size is two, maximum is four.

Be Harmonious Babes


Be Harmonious Babes are group Lessons suitable for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-schoolers.


Half hour lessons developed to stimulate the young developing mind, assist motor development and create a long lasting love of music and singing. Parents are required to remain throughout the lesson and are expected to particpate along with the children! Minimum class size is five, maximum is twelve.

This class is currently not running, but will become available once we have sufficient numbers on our waiting list.

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