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   Our Workshops - available on request     

Sing with Your Instrument

Learn the necessary techniques needed to maintain healthy vocal technique while getting the most out of your instrument.


Instruments include but are not limited to guitar, piano and cello.


Audition techniques

Gain the necessary skills needed to prepare for your next audition.

Performance Practice

A workshop for those preparing for a performance and wanting to gain obsjective and constructive feedback on strengths and weaknesses.



Performance Anxiety

Whether you suffer from severe or mild performance anxiety, this workshop will benefit you.


Learn what your triggers are and develop techniques that will assist in overcoming your fears.

Sing Jazz

Focus on jazz musicianship as well vocal techniques to allow you to get that amazing jazz quality.

Movement for stage

Learn the fundemental skills needed to move swiftly and gracefully on stage.

Microphone Technique

Develop confidence with a microphone with the a comprehensice workshop on microphone technique for all styles.

Feldenkrais for singers

The Feldenkrais method is a therapy that teaches body awareness, and how to abandon habitual bad patterns of movement and replace them with more graceful, efficient movements.


For singers and performers, it can assist in unlocking the voice.

Music Theatre

A workshop specifically aimed at music theatre performers. Have the opportunity to perform and gain constructive feedback.


Also gain the knowledge to ensure you are an educated, thoughtful music theatre performer.


A strong focus on acting, movement and vocal technique.

Breathing for singing

Fastrack your singing learning journey. Learn the relevant anatomy as well how breathing translates into supporting the voice for singing.


The workshop is based on the Accent Method and can be used for singers, actors and persons who use their voices for a living.

Guest Masterclasses

Various masterclasses from experienced singers, performers and musicians.


Most masterclasses focus on a particular topic for example "Singing a Mozart Aria". Enquire to express your interest in attending one of these exciting events.

Sing to heal

A workshop encorporating many healing techniques including singing.


Music for therapy as well eastern healing techniques that can heal you for everyday exsistence or to assist in unlocking your voice.

Jazz Singer
Girl Band B&W
Black & White Microphone
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