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Terms and Conditions

  Terms and Conditions     

1.     Enrolments

1.1       Lessons at Canberra Vocal Development (CVD) run during the ACT school term and are to be paid by the term. Enrolments can be submitted throughout the term and students may start part way through a term if there is availability in a program. The Enrolment Form must be adequately completed to secure a place in a chosen program.

1.2       Lessons are available through school holiday periods, and are subject to teacher availability. Students should contact to arrange a suitable time.

2.     Discounts

2.1       A 10 per cent discount applies to each additional family member who enrols for the term and pays in advance by the invoice due date. The discount is applied to the family member with the lowest fees for each invoice.

2.2       Students may also receive a 10 per cent discount on their fees for one term if they refer a student that enrols for the term and pays in advance by the invoice due date.

3.     Invoicing and Payments

3.1       CVD is committed to reducing our environmental impact and will therefore email invoices to the email address provided on the enrolment form. Please inform us promptly if your email address changes by contacting our office at

3.2       Invoices will be issued two weeks before the end of the preceding term with the full balance of the invoice payable by the Friday before each term starts. Students starting partway through a term will be charged pro rata in advance and must pay for lessons prior to commencing lessons. If you do not receive an invoice by the start of week two in any term, please inform your teacher or email the office.

3.3       Payment can be made using Visa or Mastercard directly through our secure online invoicing system. Or by EFT:

Canberra Vocal Development

BSB: 062 903

Account: 1095 7471

4.     Payment plans and late fees

4.1       We understand that, at times, families have difficulty meeting their financial commitments. We ask that you contact us on 0431 759 232 or via email to discuss payment arrangements before the due date to discuss a payment plan, such as an extension on the due date or an instalment plan.

4.2       Where we do not receive communication from you regarding your need for a payment plan or extension on your invoice, late fees will be applied in accordance with cl 4.3.

4.3       Fees remaining unpaid after their due date will incur a $50 late fee. The late fee will be applied to any unpaid invoices after the due date has passed unless we have received communication requesting an extension or an instalment plan in accordance with c.l 4.1. A late fee of $50 will be applied for each term the invoice remains outstanding.

4.4       Outstanding fees carried over to the following term will incur an additional $50 late fee and enrolment will be suspended until the full invoice/s and late fees have been paid; recommencement of lessons will only be permitted where fees for the next teaching period are paid in advance.

4.5       CVD reserves the right to suspend or cancel enrolments where fees have not been paid or have been paid late more than once and where a payment plan has not been entered into in accordance with cl 4.1.

4.5       Failure to pay fees over three months beyond the due date are liable to incur legal action, which can result in a black mark being placed against your credit rating. 

5.     Student cancellations and make-up lesson policy

5.1       If late or unable to attend, please notify your teacher via their mobile as soon as possible before the lesson.

5.2       Where a student is absent for a regular weekly lesson, CVD does not provide credits or refunds, regardless of notice. This ensures our teachers, who dedicate their time to you and hold your allocated spot each week are remunerated fairly for their time. It also ensures fairness to other students by not moving them from their weekly time slot.

5.3       Termly solo weekly lessons: at the sole discretion of CVD, students may receive a maximum of two make-up lessons per term.  Make-up lessons are to be held at a mutually agreeable time for the teacher and student. While CVD will do their best to schedule a make-up lesson, no refunds or credits will be provided if a suitable time cannot be found. Students who fail to provide 24 hours’ notice of an absence will not be eligible for a make-up lesson.

5.4       Termly group lessons: at the sole discretion of CVD, students may receive a maximum of two makeup lessons per term by attending another scheduled lesson of the same type. Students should note this may not be with the same teacher and is subject to availability. No refunds or credits will be provided if a suitable time cannot be found. Students who fail to provide 24 hours’ notice of an absence will not be eligible for a makeup lesson.

5.5       No make-up lessons will be provided for cancellation of casual/one off bookings.

6.     Teacher absences

6.1       Where your regular teacher is absent, CVD may provide a relief teacher for that lesson.

6.2       Where a lesson is cancelled by CVD, students will be notified by SMS (to the mobile number provided on your form) a minimum of three (3) hours before the lesson is scheduled.

6.3       Where a lesson is cancelled by CVD, the student(s) will be offered a make-up lesson at a mutually agreeable time to both teacher and student or, in the event a teacher cannot provide a make-up lesson, a credit will be applied by way of deduction to the following term fees. No refunds can be provided for students who do not continue to the next term.

7.     Cancellation of enrolment

7.1       For termly enrolments, continuation of lessons to the next term and/or year is assumed unless notice is given including at the end of each calendar year. This ensures students reserve their lesson time on a continuing basis.

7.2       If students fail to inform their teacher or the office by the end of the term of their intention to cease lessons (directly following their enrolment) that they are not returning, they will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

7.3       To ensure fairness to our teachers, we are unable to provide refunds for cancellations part-way through a term unless there are extenuating circumstances.

7.4       For holiday programs and workshops, we are unable to provide refunds for cancellations once the a program has started, unless there are extenuating circumstances.  Cancellations before the program has started will incur a $50 cancellation fee.

8.     Etiquette

8.1       Lessons must start on time. This makes lessons fair for everyone. Particularly for group lessons, we encourage students to arrive on time so not to miss out on musicianship, breathing and warm-up as these are all very essential to vocal development. For individuals that run late to a solo lesson, no time will be added to make up the time missed as this will potentially push all other lessons behind.

8.2       All students are expected to bring a water bottle to lessons, any sheet music and books they have been given (or purchased). Students are required to keep any printed in a folder and that students bring a pencil so they can mark music as required. In the interests of protecting the environment we cannot provide additional copies of music that has been lost.

8.3       Due to the potential allergies of other students, please do not bring any food, gum or pets (excluding assistance animals) into the studio. No smoking is permitted in or adjacent to the studio.

8.4       Students that bring jewellery or valuable items to the studio do so at their own risk as CVD will not take responsibility for loss or damage of these items. Out of respect to our teachers (and other students), we ask that mobile phones are not used during lesson times unless absolutely necessary for urgent matters.

8.5       CVD aims to provide a comfortable, safe and respectful environment for our students to learn, grow and be creative. Participants are required to show respect to others including other participants, parents and teachers. Any student that is displaying inappropriate or disruptive behaviour may be asked to leave the lesson until they are able to participate in a constructive manner. Students being disrespectful to others continually may be sent home or, in extreme cases, removed from the program.

8.6       A communal kitchen is available for the use of students and their families however it is expected that these areas are kept clean and tidy so that everyone can enjoy them. Any persons waiting for collection of students or for their lesson to start are asked to keep noise to a minimum so not to distract students in their lessons.

8.7       Parents are not required to stay while lessons run however, to ensure students are comfortable, parents may stay if the child wishes them to.

8.8       Any damage or losses to the Canberra Vocal Development premises or facilities hired by CVD caused by students must be paid for by the account payer responsible for the student.

9.     Performance experience and other opportunities

9.1       Once a semester, CVD will aim to hold a concert to showcase each student and their development. Students are encouraged to participate as it is an opportunity to gain confidence while performing and to support other students. The policy of respect to others applies to any performances therefore all performers and audience members are required to show respect and consideration to all.

9.2       Some students may also wish to participate in Eisteddfods and music exams. Please notify your teacher if this is something of interest at the beginning of the year as there are enrolment deadlines for these activities.

9.3       We hold a weeklong holiday program twice a year for 8-18 year olds. We encourage students to participate in these intensive programs to help become more rounded as singers and performers. While encouraged, these programs are optional and come at an additional cost.

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